Fort Lauderdale FL. Jan. 6, 2017:-

Five people were killed and 8 others wounded when a passenger on a flight from Anchorage , Alaska opened fire at Hollywood Fort Lauderdale International Airport here Today.

The incident occurred in the baggage  claim area at terminal 2. and forced a shut down of the airport, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded. A suspect was taken into custody without incident, law enforcement agents and other sources told reporters.

Multiple sources reported that the suspect — identified as Escoban  Santiago – is believed to have been involved in an altercation on a Delta airline flight from Alaska. Reports also surfaced that Santiago  26, a former army reserve, is maybe suffering from some mental health issue.

Investigators and passengers reported that after collecting his luggage, Santiago went to the Men’s room where he apparently removed a gun, returned and began firing wildly.

Terrified passengers and airport workers sought cover in the chaos  and panic which followed , with many running to the airport tarmac to escape the onslaught.

Late Friday Florida governor Rick Scott said a probe including the FBI and local and State law enforcement agencies has been launched into the incident. He expressed his “condolences to the victims and their families in this difficult time.” There were no immediate indication that the shooting was terrorist related. 



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