About Us

BGM Media Inc. is a small community based   publishing Company, specifically designed and dedicated to meeting the needs of small and medium size businesses, as well as community Organizations seeking to grow and advance their businesses.

As a publishing company, we provide an avenue for writers who aspire to publish their manuscripts in the form of a book, by providing expert and professional hands on assistance and advice to aspiring Authors. BGM Media Inc. also publishes a community news Magazine, which, while catering to the needs of the communities around us, provides information which are also national and global in scope. We do so cognizant of the fact that many local issues are intertwined with national and global issues.

We strive for accuracy, truth and balance as we seek to inform, educate and entertain readers. Our services also include preparation of News Releases and limited Public relations matters. At BGM Media, we seek to provide affordable low cost advertising rates for business as diverse and small as those operating as home based to those which are more publicly established. Advertisers are given the option of simultaneously advertising in the hard copy of our Magazine and or on line only.

We hope you will seek to use our services and allow us to help grow your businesses.


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