In Advertising with us you agree to the following.

This agreement between BGM MEDIA INCORPORATED (herein after referred to as the Company) publishers of the Herald Eagle Express Magazine and _____________________ as the client for (   ) Month (s) insertion of a (1/4) , (1/2) , (F/P), (F/I), (B/C) page size advertisement in the Herald Eagle Express Magazine.

  1. The Company agrees to publish the said advertisement subject to verification that such material, wording and or graphics as provided by does not contain nor constitute cause for libel.
  1. Where multiple insertion of an advertisement is required, payment for the first installment must be made the time of the signing of this contract and no later than two weeks prior to publication for each remaining installments.

3.  The company reserves the right to suspend or discontinue publication of any advertisement for which payment is not received within fifteen (15) days after publication and an Invoice is submitted by the company.

  1. Payment should be made in Cash, Check or Money Order.
  1. Where a check is dishonored by a payee’s Financial Institution a $15.00 fee or an amount equivalent to the amount charged by the Company’s Bank to replace such check, shall be paid by the client.
  1. This agreement shall remain binding between the parties (the Company and the client) unless canceled within five (5) business days after signing.

7.  The parties agree that any dispute to this agreement will be settled by arbitration.



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