BY: Harold G. Bailey

LOS ANGELES:- Iconic Basket Ball player Kobe Bryant, announced on Sunday that he will retire at the end of the current season. Arguable one of the greatest players of the game ,Bryant’s departure will end twenty years in the League.

He won 5 titles playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, but has struggled in the past three years due mainly to injures.The Team is currently at the bottom of the table in their division.

Bryant has chalked up an impressive record during his career.He is the first guard in NBA history to play for the same team for 20 years. With 32,000 points he sits third on the all time list behind Kareem Abdul Jaabar, and Karl Malone.

He is a 17 time NBA all star ad won two Olympic Gold medals playing with the USA National team. The 37 year old made the announcement in the Players Tribune late Sunday.” I want you to know now so we can savor every moment we have left together,” he wrote to his fans. He wrote that ” my body knows its time to say goodbye .” Lakers head coach Byron Scott described the player’s announcement of his pending retirement as “sad.”



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