By: Harold G. Bailey

Wednesday April 25,

Norristown, Pennsylvania (BGM News):- The jury in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial, returned guilty verdicts on all three counts, of aggravated sexual assault following 14 hours of deliberations over two days which ended  here Wednesday.

Cosby, 80 whose career as a comedian captured the hearts of millions of Americans faces up to 10 years behind bars on each of the counts. It was the second time that the famed comedian was being tried on similar charges in a year. The first trial ended in deadlock as

Jurors were unable to reach a unanimous that trial. Multiple women have accused Cosby of a pattern of drugging them and then having sex without their consent, over several years.

The complainant in this case was Andrea Constant who took her case to prosecutors, weeks before the statues of limitations ran out. While he denied some of the allegations, Cosby acknowledged that in the immediate case he did administered dungs to Constant, but insisted that their sexual encounter “was consensual.”

Prosecutors painted Cosby as “a serial predator,” while defense attorneys sought to portray Ms. Constant as ” a liar seeking fame and fortune.” There was a brief outburst in the court room by Cosby, when prosecutors asked that his bail be discontinued as they made the claim that he owns his own air craft and “could be a flight risk.”  “Judge, he has no plane, you asshole,” Cosby shouted.

Outside the courtroom the  attorney for the disgraced comedian who will now be fitted with a GPS device Tom Meseraue said they planned to appeal the verdict when asked by a reporter.



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