World’s number 1 (male) tennis star, Novak Djokovic. defeated number two
seed Roger Federer in an epic battle to win the 2015 US open in Queens Sunday.It was the second open championship win for Djokovic. The Serbian player won the game 6-4, 5-7, 6-4,6-4 after rain delayed the start.

It was Djokovic’s third title of the year and the 10th title of his career.The meeting between Djokovic and Federer was their 14th in grand slam games and 4th in a final. Djokovic’s triumph also marked the third consecutive defeat he has inflicted on Federer having defeated him at the Wimbledon championship last year and again this year.

With Sunday’s win Djokovic became the first player to win three out of four
titles since 2011.He is indeed the last player to have accomplished the feat.
Speaking after the game Djokovic said the win was “more than I could ask for.”
He added that “reflecting on what I have achieved,its quite remarkable.”



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