AMATRICE ITALITY, Sunday, August 28,2016 

The death toll from last week’s 6.2 magnitude earthquake that shook sections of Italy, rose to almost 300 Sunday, amid dwindling hopes of finding more survivors under tons of rubble and concrete.

Red Cross and Italian authorities confirmed that 294 people perished in what is one of Italy’s worst disasters. It occurred at night as people slept, making it harder for escape to take place.

Authorities and rescue workers believe that the number of those who perished in the disaster could rise, as “more bodies are probably buried beneath the tons of rubble.”  according to several sources.

Many of the victims were buried after a State FuneralSaturday, as the Italian government announced an official period of mourning. Authorities also began assessing  the total damage caused by the Quake. Many of the buildings which were destroyed were ancient structures, and in at least one instance an entire Town was totally destroyed , prompting the Mayor to declare :”The Town is no more.” There were some dramatic rescues, especially of children who were buried beneath the rubble of their homes. As aid and emergency crews were rushed to the affected areas, Pope Francis was among the first to express sympathies to “the many victims of the tragedy.”



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