Monday, April 15, 2019

PARIS, (BGM NEWS ) —  A massive fire broke out at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral here Monday destroying much of its interior and causing the roof to collapse. It was not known immediately what caused the fire and there were no reports of any human tragedy.

The fire came at a time when hundreds of Christians and people of other faiths are preparing to celebrate Easter. Just a day earlier, Palm Sunday services were held in the historic building which draws an estimated 13 million visitors annually. French president Emmanuel

Macron was among the many people who visited the scene while firefighters fought to contain and extinguish the blase. In a statement later, Macron expressed his sadness of the destruction while noting the significance of the cathedral to the French people. United State president Donald Trump,

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres were among those who commented on the tragedy. People could be seen crying near the scene of the blaze as they witnessed the destruction of the building which holds centuries of French history. Hours after the fire started the Vatican issued a statement expressing shock at the incident and offering its prayers “for all those affected by this tragedy.” To Catholics and others around the world, the Cathedral was “a symbol of hope.”

More than 400 firefighters were brought in to fight the fire, and prosecutors announced late Monday evening that “an investigation is to be launched into the incident.” The building with its magnificent architecture has survived damage before, notable during the French Revolution. It also survived both world wars.



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