By: Harold G. Bailey,
NEW YORK  Dec. 11,2017 (BGM NEWS)-: Four people, including a 27 year old suspect were injured this morning in what law enforcement authorities described as a suspected case of terror attack.
The incident took place around 7.30 a.m. in the height of rush hour at 42nd street and 8th avenue under ground at the Port Authority transportation hub. Police say the 27 year old suspect — identified as Akayed Ullah who suffered the most serious injuries of the 4, strapped a pipe Bomb to his body which went off during the busy morning commute close to Times Square. Investigators say it is not clear if the device was detonated by Ullah or it went off accidentally.
The Brooklyn resident who is of Bangladeshi decent is in custody, and is said to be talking according to police sources. The scene was visited by Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner James O’Neill among other law enforcement officials, and city and state officials.
Police quickly closed off the area, as scores of frightened commuters ran out of the sub way towards safety. Responding to a question at a press conference as to whether Ullah had  pledged any allegiance to ISIS, commissioner O’Neill said he had made some comments but ” I cannot discuss these at this time.”
Governor Cuomo who also spoke at the scene of the incident, described the bomb as a “low level tech device.” He urged New Yorkers to go about their business and not allow the threat of terrorism affect their daily lives.
Mayor de Blasio who also encouraged people to “continue with their lives,” urged caution and for all to be vigilant. The three other people injured in the incident checked themselves in hospitals, and reports suggest that their injuries are minor.


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