LONDON, Wednesday March 22 , 2017:-  Four people including a police officer were killed in what authorities said was a terrorist attack on Britain’s parliament here this afternoon.

The attack also left 29 other people injured according to police and other reports regarding the incident. The attacker was also shot and killed by police.

Police reported that the attack started when the driver of a car ploughed into several pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge injuring a number of them. The driver quickly alighted from the car  and ran towards Britain’s parliament building, the house of commons, which was in session and at a time that prime minister Theresa May was getting ready to answer questions from law makers.

The police officer was stabbed as he and others tried to prevent the attacker from entering the parliament building. Police quickly blocked of entrances to and from the building, evacuated the house of commons and placed most of the city on lock down. Amid chaos and confusion, people ran in all directions as law enforcement worked to close off  the area providing first responders access to attend to the wounded, many of whom were knocked down when the car mounted the pavement.

One woman was reportedly rescued from the frigid waters of the famed Thems river. Prime minister May, who was quickly whisked away later described the location of the attack as “no accident.” “The terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital  city where people of all nationalities, religion and cultures came together to celebrate the values of liberty, freedom of speech and democracy,” she said. She described the un-identified attacker as “a sick and depraved terrorist.”

In the meantime, British police in a statement sought to assure, that steps to protect the nation were in place and being implemented. The statement also assured the country that additional police personnel have been deployed to the area. Investigators were working to determine whether the man acted alone. No group has yet claim responsibility for the attack.





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