By: Harold G. Bailey,

February 22,2018

New York,  (BGM NEWS) :- Declaring that Jamaica is now “one of the most sought after Tourist destinations worldwide,” Ed Bartlett, the country’s Tourism minister today urged Jamaicans here and in other parts of the world to ” invest in Jamaica’s Tourism sector” He said that considerable investment opportunities exist for investing in the sector, and that they should “begin to take advantage of these opportunities.”

The minister’s assertion was made to members of the Jamaican American Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon in Midtown Manhattan. He told the group that many of the opportunities to invest in Jamaica’s tourism sector “are in the supply side of the industry,” as he argued that “there is a lot of money to be made from investing in the industry.”

He pointed to the record 4.3 million visitors to the Island last as evidence that the sector presents great investment opportunities. Bartlett also outlined a number of initiates being undertaken by the Jamaican Government to boost visitor arrivals to the Island, during the current year and beyond.  “For this and other improvements to materialize, we have to meet the added demands, and if such demands cannot be met locally, then we have to look outside the country,” Bartlett told the his audience which included Tour operators, travel agents and other stake holders in the tourism industry. Noting that tourism contributed 11,000 jobs to the Jamaica economy last year, the minister said the sector has the potential to become “the largest driver of employment and growth in Jamaica.” But, he warned that unless the right linkages are put together to achieve such growth, leakages could seriously affect growth in the industry.



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