Two young TV Journalists were brutally gunned down by an ex co-worker in Moneta Virginia on Tuesday (Aug.25.)

Reporter Alison Parker 24 and Photographer Adam Ward 27, were on air when shots rang out. Both were hit and later died. Ward was engaged to another staffer at WDBJ7 TV where Parker and himself were employed.

The suspected gun man Vester Lee Flanagan, later died from what law enforcement sources say were self inflicted wounds. Flanagan was employed to the station as a reporter between 2012 and 2013.

Jeffery A. Marks,president and General Manager of the station, described both Parker and Ward as “wonderful and intelligent Journalists,” who will be missed at his TV station.

At a news conference on Thursday, (Aug.27) Marks denied allegations by Flanagan, that he had been treated unfairly by the station.

The allegations were made in a statement he sent to ABC News before the incident.

Marks said that Flagnagan was fired by the station because of”He said that poor work performance and constant conflicts with other staff members.”

He said that the company offered – and Flanagan accepted – professional help for mental health issues.It also emerged that the suspect had similar problems while he was employed at another TV station in Texas from where he was also dismissed.



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