Secretary of State John Kerry faced tough questions from Lawmakers on Friday (July) 23 as the Obama administration continue to face mounting pressure over the Iran Nuclear deal, reached earlier this month. Kerry faced off with members of the Senate foreign relations committee,one of whose members Marco Rubio is a presidential candidate.

In defense of  the deal the secretary of state said more serious consequences will follow should congress reject the deal.He told the hearing that “there is no better alternative to the deal,” and that the United States risks isolation if  congress fails to approval the deal.Under the deal which was reached after months of negotiations between the US, Iran and six other world powers, sanctions against the Islamic state are to be lifted in exchange for inspection of its nuclear program and as well as a discontinuation of such program.

Critics of the agreement point to the fact that Iran will be able to continue its program after 10 years and that it will use the billion of dollars which it will earn from the easing of sanctions to fund terrorist   groups in the middle east. Israeli prime minister  Benjamin Netanyahu described the deal as”bad for the region,” arguing that it will allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. House speaker John Boehner meanwhile, has vowed to “defeat the deal,” which congress must vote on within 60 days.

President Obama who has made the case that the deal offers the best chance to avoid Iran “from developing  nuclear weapons,has repeatedly threatened to veto any measure to stop it. The United Nations security council has already endorsed the agreement.



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