By: Harold G. Bailey

A massive manhunt remained underway in the Chicago suburb of Fox Lake Friday, four
days after the killing of veteran police officer Joe (GI Joe) Glienicwicz. Law enforcement officers including US marshals, FBI and ATF agents as well as a SWAT team have been using dogs and helicopters in an effort to locate three suspects – one black two and white males believed to be involved in the officer’s death early Tuesday

(Sept. 1) morning.
The three were identified in a call Gleinicwicz made to colleagues just before his radio
went silent according to investigators.He was later found sot in the head and his weapon
missing. With little to go on , law enforcement locked down schools, businesses, and public c transportation while also sealing off exit routes.

Late Thursday, investigators announced a possible breakthrough in the case after a video
form a private home near the scene of the incident, was turned over to authorities. According to law enforcement sources, “images from the video were consistent with
reports of the two white and a black male. The weapon which was being carried by the officer when he was killed, is also believed to have been discovered. Both pieces of evidence are being analyzed by law enforcement agencies.

Glinicwicz’s killing has brought untold grief to Lake Fox, a small semi-resort community of
around 10,000 inhabitants. The 30 year veteran was due to retire within a month’s time
according to reports. As investigators continue to work around the clock in a bid to identify and apprehend the suspects, a local business has offered a $50,000 award for evidence about the incident.



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