Feby. 1, 2018

By: Brandon Clarke

New York, N.Y. (BGM NEWS) :- The New York City Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus (BLAC), elected its executive body for the inaugural period of the body’s four year legislative session here yesterday.

By unanimous consent, Council members I.Daneek Miller (Queens) and Yadins Rodriguez (Manhattan) were elected to serve as co- chairs of the caucus. They will be joined by colleagues  Adrienne Adams (Queens) and Francisco Moya (Queens ) as deputy co – chairs for the period.

Brooklyn’s councilwoman Alicka Ampry – Samuel and councilman Peter Koo of Queens round out the six member executive as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The six members will serve on the committee for a minimum of two years.

During that time they will be responsible for steering the legislative and policy agenda that will be shared by all of its 26 members, liaison with their state counterpart in the State’s legislature, and working with the city council speaker to advance its goals. The committee will also have the task to present its position to Mayor de Blasio and other members of the city council administration.

Addressing the committee shortly after being voted into his new position, councilman Miller said he “humbly and graciously accept the role of BLAC co- chair,” pointing out that “we pride ourselves as the largest and most influential bloc within the city council.”

He argued that “this is evidenced by our role in refining the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing plan the council previously passed, and accelerating the Administration’s timeline for withdrawing challenges to civil suits related to Stop,Question and Frisk.”

All other members of the committee took turns in thanking their colleagues for elevating them to their respective positions and pledged to “work tirelessly to improve the districts we serve.”

Brandon Clarke is the Legislative Aide in the Office of councilman I. Daneek Miller



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