By: Harold G. Bailey

New York, Thursday February 9, 2017:-

A winter storm which dumped up to 14 inches of snow in some places, blanketed much of the North East US today. Schools in cities across the region such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia were ordered closed, air lines canceled more than 2,000 flights, many businesses failed to open and in some places customers were left without electricity.

Travel other than air were also seriously limited as thousands of commuters were forced to remain home.  In New York, both governor Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blazio of New York city held separate news conferences at which updates on the storm were provided.

Thousands of State, county and city workers worked throughout the day to clear streets, and to keep transportation available where possible.

Motorists in several areas who failed to heed warnings to remain off the streets encountered very challenging conditions some of which ended in accidents. The down pour tapered off in most areas by late afternoon at which point residents were out in large numbers as they begin the task of clearing sidewalks.

Meanwhile schools in New York City are scheduled to reopen tomorrow Friday.



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