WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA (BGM NEWS) – The Billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft was charged on two counts of soliciting prostitution here Monday afternoon.

Florida state attorney for Palm Beach County Dave  Aronberg who announced the charges during a press conference, said both counts are low level misdemeanors. He said that Kraft was one of 25 people charged under an operation to rescue several women who have been caught up in a human trafficking trade.

He said the women have been used as sex slaves. Aronberg was careful to point out that neither Kraft nor any of the 24 others charged, was charged for human trafficking.

Last week, police said they have evidence of Kraft receiving paid services at a massage parlor. Aronberg said that the penalty for the charges comprise imprisonment of 60 days to a year, 100 hours of community service, as well as a fine of $5000. He also told reporters that Kraft does not necessarily have to appear in court as his attorney can deal with the matter Kraft meanwhile, has denied any wrongdoing in the matter



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