Republican presidential candidate Dr.Ben Carson, continues to face
criticisms a week after making what is perceived as racist remarks during an appearance on NBCs Meet The Press.
Carson, the only African American in the presidential race, told host Chuck Todd “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” “I absolutely would not agree with that.”
Condemnation of Carson’s comment was swift and came from all quarters. Fellow republican candidate Lindsay Graham said his colleague “should apologize.This not who we are, and the constitution clearly states that religion should not be a test for one to become president.”

Mihad Awad, who heads the Council On American Islamic Relations went even further with a call for Dr. Carson to “withdraw from the presidential race, as his views are a “violation of the country’s
constitution.” But, Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams insisted the candidate “was merely stating what he believes,” and as such had nothing to apologize for.” Carson himself seems to soften his stance two days after the
controversial remarks,telling a campaign event,he would be “willing to look at the issue differently if Muslims were to denounce certain beliefs.”



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