Billionaire investor Donald Trump continues to dominate the political landscape with a threat at a possible third party run. The Republican presidential candidate hinted at such a move during an interview with The Hill Newspaper. He reportedly told the paper he would give the idea some thought ‘if the Republican National Committee{ RNC ) does not treat me fairly.” Trump has ┬ácomplained that he has not been treated fairly by the RNC. The idea that Trump could mount a third party candidacy has republicans worried.

With polls showing him leading his nearest rival for the republican nomination by double digits, Trump, according to those same polls, would garner 20 percent of the popular vote in a three way contest.The majority of those votes would be taken form the republican nominee.

Trump has caused one controversy after another since launching his presidential bid by describing illegal immigrants from Mexico as rapists and criminals. He has also had several verbal spats with his rivals for the GOP nomination.
He referred to  senator Lindsay Graham as an idiot,after the senator described him as a Jackass. The war of words has left many within the GOP establishment scrambling to find a solution that will not alienate Trump while at the same time getting him to tamper down his rhetoric.

On Thursday Trump who has made illegal immigration the center piece of his campaign toured the boarder town of Laredo in Texas.



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