By: Harold G. Bailey

(BGM MEDIA )Thursday Feby. 9, 2017 :- The Trump administration suffered a huge blow in its effort to have a Court ruling halting the  president’s Executive Order which bans traveling from seven mostly Muslim countries lifted.

A 3 member panel of Judges of the 9th  Circuit  Court of Appeals in a ruling, upheld a lower Court’s nationwide ban of the order. In handing down its decision Thursday, the Court of Appeals ruled that the government had failed, among other things, to present evidence to support claims by the administration, that people from the countries pose a threat to the national security of the United States.

The Trump administration has maintained that the travel ban, imposed two weeks ago, was purely to protect the United States, and that the president has broad descretion to do so.

The administration also pointed out that the seven countries, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia on which the ban had been imposed, were on a list created by the Obama administration of countries with potential terror threat.

In an obvious sign that the administration will appeal the ruling, the president in  a swift reaction wrote on Twitter: “SEE YOU IN COURT,THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE.”

Reacting to the court’s ruling, Washington states’ Attorney General Bob Ferguson who sued over the matter said: “We are pleased with the decision.” Addressing a press conference shortly after the ruling, Ferguson added that the “Bottom Line is that this is a complete victory for the state of Washington.”

“The Judges ruling effectively granted everything we sought,” he argued. And, the Justice Department in a statement on the ruling said that it was reviewing the Court’s decision, and considering its options.

One option opened to the government is to appeal to the US Supreme Court, or return to the 9th Circut Court of Appeals where a larger panel of Judges could take up the matter.



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