LAS VEGAS, OCT.4,2017 (BGM NEWS):- President Trump and first lady Melania met with survivors of Sunday’s mass shooting which left 58 dead and 527 wounded at a country music concert on the Las Vega strip here.

The president and first lady visited the area today, a day after visiting storm ravaged  Puerto Rico.

The two visited University Medical Center — one of the several hospitals caring for victims, where he met survivors as well as doctors and nurses. There, the president praised the staff and first responders for “doing an incredible job,” caring for those in need.

He noted that because of their work, “some victims will be able to go home in a couple  of days.”

He expressed thanks to those who under great danger to themselves, find the strength and courage to help others. The president who later met with law enforcement officials, described the gunman, identified as retired accountant  Stephen Paddock as “a sick and demented man.”

Trump told the health workers that “it is a very, very sad day,” as he praised their professional and “quick response in saving many lives.”

At a meeting at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the president used similar language in describing the work of law enforcement officials for their bravery and courage under horrible conditions.

He singled out some officers for special mention for their acts in saving lives. “A grateful nation Melania and myself say thanks for your incredible act of courage,” he told the group of law enforcement officials and first responders.

As investigators continue to dig into the background of Paddock, they report that he had accumulated 48 guns and thousands of rounds. Twenty-three of the weapons were found in his 32nd-floor room at the Mandalay Hotel from which he fired hundreds of rounds on concert goers.

Investigators also discovered that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines in the days prior to the deadly shooting and that he had fitted some of the weapons with equipment, legally obtained that transform them into more deadly ones.

Law enforcement sources also reported that materials used for bomb-making were found in Paddock’s car. The key question of a motive for his action remains elusive, however. 

Investigators were hoping to get a possible insight when they question his live in girlfriend Marilou Danley. She returned to the country from the Philippines late Tuesday and was questioned by the FBI for several hours on Wednesday.



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