A series of knife attacks on Israelis over the past two weeks, has led to the deaths of at least 6 people and serious unrest among both Israelis and Palestinians here.Among those killed are Palestinian suspects in the attacks on Israeli Citizens,including an elderly woman.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday (Oct.18) that a soldier from the Israeli Defense Force became the latest victim of the attacks, when he was allegedly killed by a man with a knife. The incident reportedly took place at the crowded Beersheba Central Bus Station. Police later shot and killed the man but not before he reportedly used the soldier’s rifle to shot and wound several Israelis. In an effort to crackdown on the unrest, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week urged Israelis “to arm themselves in face of these attacks.” Israel has blamed Palestinian militants for the latest uprising. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader meanwhile,offered dialogue “to end the conflict.”Speaking in Paris where he is on a visit to Europe, United States secretary of state John Kerry, on Sunday confirmed reports that he plans to meet with Netenyahu and Abbas in an effort to ease the tension. No time table was set for the meetings, and it was also unclear where the meetings will take place.



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