By: Harold G. Bailey


ARIZONA, (BGM NEWS):- Senator John McCain who spent more than 5 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, died at his home this evening a statement from his family said. The 81 year war hero, lost his battle with glioblastoma,  a rare form of brain cancer for which he had been receiving treatment since December of last year.

The tough talking McCain who had a reputation for bucking his own party on many issues spent 36 years as a senator, after a 4 year stint in the house. “My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of this incredible man for 38 years,”  Cindy McCain, his wife said in a tweet.

To friends and foes, McCain was known as “The Maverick,” because of his gunsblazing style and his nonconformist political approach to politics. It was this style that won many friends across the political divide as well as among American Allies across the globe, for whom he was seen as an ally in the US senate.

McCain died only hours after his family issued a statement Friday, stating that he was “suspending treatment for his condition.” Earlier this year, McCain made it publicly clear he did not want President Trump to speak at his funeral. The two men had been feuding since Trump said that McCain was not a war hero because he was captured. “I like people who were not captured,” Trump said of McCain, during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

He was known to hold no grudge towards those who disagreed with him or anyone else.  As a measure of that, he chose former presidents George W. Bush- who defeated him in the 2000 campaign for the Republican party nomination – and Barack Obama to whom he lost the 2008 presidential race, to speak at his funeral.

As news of McCain’s death became known, there was an outpouring of praise for his years of “unselfish service to his country.” Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama issued statements on his passing. Trump issued a statement late Monday in praise of the service to the country of the late senator.

The statement came after intense criticism of the president’s decision to have the flags at the White House flown at full staff after they were lowered late Saturday through Sunday in respect of McCain’s passing. World leaders across the globe also joined in with glowing tributes for the late Arizona Senator and longtime chairman of the Senate’s armed services committee.

In an act of the bipartisanship approach, he forged during his long and illustrious career, current minority leader of the senate, Senator Chuck Schumer  Democrat from New York, proposed that the Senate Russell Building be renamed after McCain.

News also emerged Monday that former Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a memorial service for McCain in Arizona on Thursday. The two were close friends for years though they belonged to different parties.  McCain’s body will lie in state in the Rotunda of the Arizona State capitol Phoenix on Wednesday.

Following similar services in Washington later this week, the late Arizona senator will be buried at the Navel Academy in Maryland on Sunday.



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