The family of a 28 year old woman who died while in  police custody in a Texas jail, has rejected claims by authorities  that she committed suicide.

Sandra Bland was  found dead a day before she was scheduled to begin a job. She was arrested by a state trooper  for a minor traffic infraction — failure to signal a lane turn. That action resulted in a verbal and physical confrontation between Bland and the trooper. An initial video of the officer’s dash cam did little to ease tension and provide answers to what really took place between Bland and the himself.

Officials later released another version of the video after admitting that the original version contained errors, and after suggestions that it was edited. But at a news conference called by Bland’s family,  a sister Sharon Cooper reiterated that the family “does not believe she took her life.” She said she believed her sister “was pulled over because she was an out of state driver.” She also questioned the handling of the matter by the trooper adding that he may have felt that his ego was damaged because of hers sister’s response to him.

Family attorney Cannon Lambert meanwhile, argued that the behavior of the officer was reprehensible.Bland’s death is the latest in a series of deaths of African Americans resulting from encounters with police that have infuriated the African American community.



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