WASHINGTON, Monday March  20, 2016:- FBI Director James Comey, today confirmed that “the FBI  is conducting a criminal investigation into Russian meddling into the US elections last year including possible collusion between Russia and people in the Trump campaign.”

The bombshell revelation was made by Comey as he and Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department Of Justice also shot down claims by president Trump, that former president Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign last year.

In another blow to the White House, Rogers also flatly denied claims that Obama used a British Intelligence Agency to spy on the Trump campaign. Bot men testified before the House Intelligence committee on Capitol Hill. In confirming the investigations, Comey told the committee that “they have been going on since last July.”

He told the committee that Russian president Vladimir Puntin “had a clear preference for Hillary Clinton’s opponent.” He also warned that “Russia will be back in the 2018 and 2020 elections,” and that “Russian cyber activities were loud and clear. They wanted us to know what they were doing.”

Comey also refused to answer a number of questions, and refused to be drawn into the partisan nature of some questions arguing that the investigations were continuing.

To understand the partisan nature of the hearings, while Democrats concentrated much of their questions on the Trump campaign and any possible Russian collusion, Republicans dealt mostly with leaks to the press.

An obviously frustrated Devin  Nunes, chairman of the house intelligence committee noted that “the investigations have created a cloud over the White House.” He urged Director

Comey to “speed up the investigations,” but tComey said he could “give no time line when the investigations will come to an end” And while Comey and Rogers denied the wiretapp charge, the White House was not backing down on the president’s claim. White House press secretary Sean Spicer  at his daily press briefing said “nothing has changed with today’s testimony.”