Queens Village Queen , Sunday, April 23, 2017: Five people were killed by a fast moving blaze which destroyed a House at 208 Street and 112 Avenue shortly after 2.30 Today.   Three children ages 2, 9 and 14 were among the victims according to first residents and first responders.

Fire commissioner David Nigro said authorities were alerted to the afternoon blaze by a passing motorist who called 911. He said Firefighters “were on the scene within 4 minutes of receiving the call.” The wooden  structure which the commissioner said was constructed  about 97 years ago was already engulfed in flames when Firefighters arrived.

There was at least one survivor described as a male who jumped from a second floor window  to escape the inferno. At least one other House was also damaged in the blaze, which neighbors described as “horrific.”

There were also no immediate indication as to the cause of the blaze, and both mayor Bill de Blazio and commissioner Nigro who spoke at the site , said: “a full  investigation will be undertaken to determine what went wrong.” Mayor de Blazio described the fire as “the worst in the city in approximately two years.

Seven people were killed in a Fire in Ridgewood  Brooklyn two years ago, and Fire Marshals who visited the scene of Sunday’s Fire, said their investigations “will begin immediately.”



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