By:Harold G. Bailey

The Obama White House on Sunday won two key endorsements for the Iran Nuclear deal.
Influential former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of state,General colin
Powell and Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz,both threw their
support behind the deal. Powell, speaking on NBC’s Meet The Press,told moderator Chuck Todd that” Iran’s Nuclear program has been thrown into a detour,” because of the deal.He spoke of the significant reductions in the manufacturing of nuclear materials which Iran has agreed to under the agreement,saying he was surprised that the Iranians agreed to such deep reductions.

Responding to questions about the United States led Iraq war, Powell said that then
president George W. Bush took the decision “based on the intelligence and other
information available at the time.” He acknowledged that the execution of the war after Baghdad fell, “was flawed. “We made some strategic mistakes,” he argued.
Appearing on CNN’s State Of The Union Wasserman Shultz described her decision as ”
one of the most difficult in my almost 23 years in congress.” She said that while she still has concerns about aspects of the agreement,the deal was the best way of forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Wasserman Shultz who is Jewish said also that she is “satisfied that Israel will be protected under the agreement.” She said that she has met wit president Obama and has been assured of further protections for Israel. The Obama administration has already secured the required 34 votes in the senate to ensure congressional passage of the agreement.