Brooklyn N.Y.  Monday, January 6, 2017:-

Brooklyn-based non- profit The Ex- Correctional Officers Association of Jamaica, has voted to assist patients at the Manchester Infirmary in the central city of Mandeville in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the association on Saturday. Assistance to the Infirmary where elderly indigents are housed, will be in the form of food supplies, clothing, and medical equipment.

It will mark the fourth time that members of the non – profit will be assisting similar institutions on the Island. Its most recent effort took place last month when items valued over $10,000 were made to the Portland Infirmary. Now in its 8th year the Ex- Correctional

Officers Association also provides scholarships for High school students entering college or University. The association also conducts seminars with law enforcement officers to bring awareness to young people about the consequences of Incarceration.