WASHINGTON, Mon. February 27,2018

President Trump met with a group of leaders of Black Colleges at the White House Today , where they discussed education and the president’s education policy for the country.

The group is in the nation’s capitol for a meeting. President Trump who is scheduled to deliver his first address to a joint sitting of congress Tomorrow is expected to address his education plans among other important issues.

Health care will feature high on the president’s agenda during the speech as he likely will offer details on how the administration and the Republican led congress plan to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act. Trade and immigration are two other areas which the country will be watching to see what the president proposes.

The president’s budget proposal is another area which is sure to generate a lot of interest, as Trump has proposed deep cuts in a number of areas, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, to help pay for a proposed $10 Billion increase in military spending.

The country also will hear details of the president’s plans on security, especially as it relates to the building of a wall on the southern border with Mexico.




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