By:Harold G. Bailey
Saturday Jan.23.2016
A massive winter storm – which has so far been blamed for at least 14 deaths,  halted normal activities along the United States East Coast for part of yesterday Friday, and all of Saturday dumping up to 30 inches of snow in some areas on the way.
The storm forced the closure of mass transit in Washington DC, as well as New York City and Baltimore. It was the worst storm in the nation’s capital in 94 years according to officials,while it is numbered among the top 5 to have hit New York City and the third largest there since 1869. Bridges, Tunnels and roads leading into and out of  New York City were closed,while a travel ban was also  imposed. In Pennsylvania 500 vehicles remained stuck in snow on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as of Saturday.

More than 9,000 flights were canceled as Airports were forced to shut down. In Washington Mayor  Muriel  Bowser  told a news conference that “calls for help to shovel the snow is overwhelming and is more than the amount of volunteers at our disposal.” Across the east coast, state and city officials had one common instruction to residents: “Stay off the streets and remain in doors.” So serious was that instruction, Bill de Blasio, the  Mayor of New York City announced that those who did not comply faced the prospectof an arrest.”

In some state Governors declared a State of Emergency as thousands of people lost power. More than 85 million people have been affected by the storm. Nine deaths were blamed on the storm in North Carolina where trees and power lines snapped under the weight of the snow which accumulated and froze over night, causing the loss of power for many. At least one candidate on the campaign trail was also affected by the storm. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was forced to cut short his campaign in New Hampshire and return to New Jersey to deal with the problem caused by the storm. Heavy flooding were reported in some areas of that state, including the Jersey shoe, Atlantic City and North Millwood. Officials in North Millwood  reported that more than 100 people had to be evacuated form their homes due to rising  flood waters.

As of late Saturday, officials expect conditions to remain treacherous, but hopeful that there will be improvements sometime Sunday. The travel ban in New York City was scheduled to be lifted by 7 am Sunday.



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